Accessories You May Need to Run Your Frozen Yogurt Machine

If you own a frozen yogurt machine you will need several accessories to operate it and keep it in good working order.

  1. First off, it is really important to get a quality machine sanitizer. There are many inexpensive food contact sanitizers on the market and some of them are not hard on the environment. EnviroClean is a well known brand in this category.
  2. Most frozen yogurt machines need to be lubricated now and then. You need a lubricant like Petrol-Gel which is an advanced non-toxic synthetic gel lubricant used for the food processing industry.
  3. Most owners of a Frozen Yogurt Machine are going to end up removing the O-Rings every thirty days in which case it is a good idea to have a little metal or plastic Saniserve O-Ring remover on hand. This looks a bit like a toothpick. SaniServe makes a good one.
  4. If you are using powdered frozen mix in your machines, then you are also going to want to invest in some square or round storage containers with lids. This is because when you are mixing up product from the standard 5 pound bag of frozen yogurt mix you sometimes have to store some of it in the refrigerator. As a general rule, square storage containers are more practical and save space because you can stack them on top of each other.
  5. Another necessity for the individual using powdered mix are buckets that have measurements on the side of them. A good choice is a round 3.5 gallon food industry bucket with a spout built in.
  6. Aside from measuring buckets you should also invest in plastic buckets that are restricted for use for cleaning your machines only. Buckets should not be multi-purpose as in used for cleaning the bathrooms or the floors.
  7. Most people who own frozen yogurt machines eventually end up using at least three buckets on a daily basis. You can buy bucket hangers for hanging on shelves or tables so these buckets do not end up on the floor.
  8. If you are investing in a countertop frozen yogurt machine then you should invest in stainless steel tables or carts. These units look professional and are very easy to keep clean.
  9. Yet another accessory is a front face plate for your spigots. These are plastic units that fit over the dispensers so they do not become contaminated or damaged. They are easily removed from the machine.
  10. A three-point plug outlet might be necessary if you have bought a three-pronged unit and you only have an electrical outlet that fits two prongs. Surge suppressors can also keep your equipment in better order.

Those are some of the main accessories you will want to have on hand to make your job easier and keep your equipment in top working order.

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