The Basic Anatomy of A Frozen Yogurt Machine

A frozen yogurt machine is quite similar in appearance and operation to a soft serve machine. These are large hard plastic and stainless steel appliances that freeze, blend and dispense the frozen yogurt product. Anywhere from one to four hoppers hold the frozen yogurt mix.

The frozen yogurt flows through a spigot at the bottom of the machine. A high quality machine is capable of making over 200 eight ounce servings per hour.

Most frozen yogurt machines have a stand-by switch that helps keep a product at safe temperatures during long no sale periods. This is an important feature because it can help keep your product safe during long no-sale periods.
Many of the more contemporary frozen yogurt displays have digital displays that allow you a microprocessor to help you operate it and tell you other basic information about how many servings have been dispensed. H however this type of gadgetry adds to the expense of the machine. Most frozen yogurt machines have a low light indicator that tells you when it is time to refill it with frozen yogurt mix.

A high quality company manufacture will also offer you a graphics kit so you can put your own logo on the machine. Another mark of a good manufacture or retailer is one that will include a start-up kit complete with extra o-rings, scraper blades, shafts selas, grade lubricant, sanitizer packets and brush kits.

Some models come with a gravity fed unit that allows you to mix two flavors of yogurt together in a twist.
A newer type of unit being offered is a countertop one that uses a standard 110 electric outlet and washes itself. Furthermore it requires no mix. You put frozen portion controlled units into the machine to create flavored yogurt.
You can buy them as air-cooled or water cooled systems. The water cooled system has hoses that connect at the back.

Most frozen yogurt machines will also make ice cream, sorbet and custards.

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