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  • Name: Aussie Blends
  • Address: 3600 Red Road, Suite 306, Miramar, FL, 33025, United States
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Aussie Blends

Crafting the perfect blends to prepare frozen treats and beverages is our passion.

AussieBlends and Frosty Boy Australia are committed to use the best ingredients and manufacturing practices to keep our blends up to his perfection in every batch we make.

  • All dairy in our products is from Australia/New Zealand (considered the source of the best source of dairy in the world)
  • We sweeten using all natural sugar cane, no artificial sweeteners or syrups
  • Our Monalisa Frozen Yogurt line contains Prebiotics as well as Probiotics. (Prebiotics are the best way to multiply the probiotics once they are in your body)
  • You can order our Monalisa Frozen Yogurt Tart (perfect to be served alone or combined with fruity flavors), Medium Tart or Mild (Excellent to be used with sweets and fruity flavors)
  • All of our products are gluten free!
  • Our Frozen Yogurt products are 98% Fat Free
  • Our products are trusted and our plant is inspected by many of the largest brands in the world
  • We’re operating out of South Florida, but are happy to work with customers in the east coast, mid-west and the west coast.

We are also expanding our footprint in Latin America. As of today, we are working with Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Dominican Republic, Jamaica.

However, we’re continuing to open new fronts, so we would be interested in leads from any other country in Latin America.

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