Frozen Yogurt Consulting Scams

Written by: Lynda K, Alpha Freezz

As a person who has been in the frozen yogurt business since the late 1990’s, I can tell you this business has seen a change in the last few years. Well for one we now have the internet.

As the internet serves as a great source of information for our business, it can also be a hazard to our business, if one is not careful.

In the last three years, the frozen yogurt business has seen great change.
With the rebirth of frozen yogurt products and new style frozen yogurt stores, everyday people from all walks of life are looking to open stores all over the USA and overseas.

While this all sounds great, opening a store is not as easy as one may have first thought.

Many people find out right away it is not just opening the doors and letting people pull the handles. Much goes into opening a store and this is where the confusion starts!

Most people will start their process of opening a store with a search of the internet. This is where a vulnerable person could get into trouble.
As the average person with no prior knowledge of the frozen yogurt business begins their search, they may soon realize they need guidance and quick!

There are several sites on the internet offering just that, guidance!

For a nice size fee, they will consult you through the process of opening a store. What these so called “consultants” are offering you is information, starting from your location selection to opening the doors of your new store, and everything in-between.

DON’T be fooled! Many of these so called consultants are not legit. Most of these people have no prior experience of the frozen yogurt business.
What they do know is the frozen yogurt business is hot right now. They are looking to profit off of a hot business with hopes of finding vulnerable people who need guidance.

I have personally seen this happen. A man called my office looking for a person who claimed he worked for us. He was looking for this person because he had given him money for some consulting services through the internet. He was promised all necessary information to open a successful store. The problem was that this person had used our reputable company as his expert experience to gain the man’s confidence.

I never did find out the outcome of the situation, but it did awaken me to this problem.

Be careful and wise when seeking help for your new store. Look for websites that are usually listed at the top of your search engines.

Most of these companies you will see regularly on the internet. Call them up and ask questions don’t just e-mail. Always get a second or third opinion for all facets of this business.

Multiple opinions will decrease costly mistakes and will increase your chances of success in your new business. This includes business advice, machines, products, and supplies, etc.

In conclusion there are plenty of reputable companies out there with wonderful services to help you with your business venture.

Following these simple steps and tips will reduce your chances of being scammed while searching for information on starting your store.

The frozen yogurt business is an excellent business to get into and can bring great happiness to you and your community. Good luck and great success with your store!

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