The Bottom Line When It Comes to Frozen Yogurt Mix

The bottom line in any business is how you determine if you can actually make a profit with what you have to sell. In this particular case, the product is frozen yogurt made from a mix.

The cost of yogurt mix actually varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, buying the powdered mix is usually less expensive than liquid mix. When determining your costs, you also need to factor in any additional products you add to the mix such as milk or cream, flavoring or fresh juice.

On average, the cost of liquid frozen yogurt mix is slightly higher. Some liquid mix can cost more than others depending on the ingredients or if it targets certain needs of people such as lactose free or “all natural”.

Once mixed and dressed with flavorings and toppings, most vendors can sell their frozen yogurt from between thirty and fifty cents per ounce. Again, it depends on the type of mix and ingredients you are selling.

Another factor to consider when you are buying frozen yogurt mix and is the cost of refrigeration or storing the frozen yogurt mix. Some mix does not last very long, so you need to factor in the cost of how much inventory you need on hand as well as electricity for a freezer or even a number of freezers depending on your operation.

Powder frozen yogurt mix can be stored on the shelf for about three years and take up less space. Once mixed, these mixes last about ten days in the fridge.

Yet another thing to consider is the cost of delivery of the product. The liquid products need to be refrigerated in transport so shipping them to your door may cost a little more. The dry powders cost a little less to ship to your door. In the end the cost of delivery, storage and the shelf life of the product all matter when it comes to figuring out your bottom line.

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