Yogurt Mix : Liquid vs. Powder

When starting a frozen yogurt business, it can often be difficult to choose whether liquid or powder mix is better for your shop.  The biggest factors to keep in mind are quality, price, and shelf life.

Liquid Frozen Yogurt Mix versus Powdered Frozen Yogurt Mix — A Quick Comparison

Liquid frozen yogurt mix is delivered in frozen form and has a shelf life of one year. The shelf life once defrosted is 14 days and the mix must be refrigerated. Liquid frozen yogurt mix needs to be stored in a freezer and needs 24-48 hours to defrost before it is ready to be used. This can be difficult for frozen yogurt shop owners as it may be hard to predict how much liquid mix you will need at one time. If you do not have a good idea of how much mix you need, you will wind up defrosting too much and wasting product or not having enough readily available.

Another factor to consider is price. It will likely cost more to ship liquid mix due to its weight. You may also need to spend more money in equipment as you will need adequate freezer and refrigerator space.

Liquid mix often contains more of the live and active cultures found in traditional yogurt, however, there are some powder mixes that contain live and active cultures as well.

Powder frozen yogurt mix is delivered in powder form and has a longer shelf life than liquid mix. It does not need to be stored in a freezer or refrigerator until it is mixed. The powder mix needs to be mixed with milk and/or water when ready to be used, and then stored in a refrigerator. Once the product is made, it has a shelf life of 14 days.

As mentioned above, some powder mixes do not contain the live and active cultures found in traditional yogurt. If this is something important to you, research mix companies that include live and active cultures in their mix.

Powdered yogurt mix also allows you to adjust the consistency and texture of the final product depending on the amount of milk and water you add to it.

Shipping is an area where you may save money as it is lighter in weight than liquid mix.

When you are ready to purchase frozen yogurt mix for your shop, research different liquid and powder mix companies and ask them for more information on their product. A great way to narrow down your decision is to ask for samples from different companies and determine what has better flavor, what mix is easier to make, and what will be easier to use in your shop.

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