6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Frozen Yogurt Machine

No matter what size or type of frozen yogurt machine you are thinking of purchasing there are some basic questions you should ask to ensure you make the most educated decision.

1. Does the machine come with a warranty?
The best machines will have at least a 1 year warranty on the unit, a 2 year warranty on the compressor and a 90 day warranty on the labor. Most yogurt machines do not have a warranty on parts that may only last thirty days such as 0-rings or scraper blades.

Is any repair service allowed to fix the equipment without voiding the warranty? Look for a manufacture that will allow you to have the equipment serviced by any commercial refrigeration technician in the country. Repair costs for this type of machine are usually in the area of $80 an hour.

2. Does the company you are buying from have replacement parts?
The argument for buying from a manufacturer and not used is that a company will have replacement parts available to you. Many websites that sell frozen yogurt machines have an online parts store. If you buy a used yogurt machine you can sometimes find parts for them online on auction sites and on soft serve Ice cream and frozen yogurt business aftermarket parts.

3. Can the company customize the look of the machine with your own company logo?
Look for a company that will sell you a graphics kit so you can customize the machine yourself. Some companies will also customize the branding of the machine for you if you send them your logo.

4. Does the company offer packaged discounts for multiple units?
If you are planning on having more than one machine in your shop look for a company that offers packaged discounts for multiple units.  Is your space able to power up the unit? Be sure to check out the electrical power requirement of the unit before you buy and make sure that your commercial space can support its operation. Another thing to make sure is that your space has 3 pronged outlets if the machine you require has them.

5. Is the unit air cooled or water cooled?
Air cooled machines tend to be “plug and play” units whereas the water cooled ones take more time to start up.

6. Will the company offer you a equipment demo?
A great company will come to your store with a machine and show you how it will integrate into your environment. You can also take advantage of equipment demos at food trade shows.

Buying the machines for your frozen yogurt or soft serve shop is a big decision and one that we suggest getting as much education as you can before you make your decision.  If you have any questions we are happy to help.  Please call anytime: 888-770-3933 or locally 407-374-1667.

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