Buying New Frozen Yogurt Machines Versus Buying Used Frozen Yogurt Machines

Buying The Brand New Ones…

Brand new frozen yogurt machines are considerably more expensive than the used machines obviously. However, the benefits include a company representative that you can work with to help determine your needs that may represent a line of frozen yogurt machines so they can pick the best one suited for you.

You know that you’ll be the first to use it; you know how many hours are on the machine; how long it has been in service; and you know that all the parts are new. Generally, newer parts don’t wear out as fast as used parts.

Buying new, you’ll also have support, technicians, repair support and lots more. Companies that manufacture these machines want to make sure that their customers are happy. And so they’ll generally have some service numbers for you to call if you should have an issue.

This is done to direct you in the right way for parts and for service and repair. Disadvantages to buying new: the expense and sometimes new machines require you to use their service technicians in order to maintain the warranty. And as we stated, these repair technicians can often cost more.

Buying used machines…

When you’re buying a used machine, you don’t always know the history. There may be parts that are ready to go and may be costly and may lead to costly repairs.

If you’re buying a used machine from a lesser known brand, you may get challenges in getting replacement parts. You may also find that the design of the machine, when you don’t have a lot of history on it, or it’s a lesser known brand, can sometimes be more difficult as commercial refrigeration repair technicians won’t always understand how to fix it.

So those are some disadvantages.

And sometimes these prospect repairs can often offset the savings of buying a used piece of equipment. But there are a lot of quality pieces of used equipment. Some companies have grown but only by buying used equipment.

Another challenge with used equipment is that you can’t always find it whereas you can always contact manufacturers of frozen yogurt machines and easily acquire it when you have the money for the new machine.

Trying to find the right used machine or equipment for the business can also be a challenge. Now if you have to buy 8 machines for your self-serve frozen yogurt shop, you may find that some of them are mismatched because you can only get 2 from one location, 3 form another, and so you may not wind up with the same machine and buying parts from different suppliers.

Having to use different technicians for different machines can sometimes create challenges and inefficiencies. So those are the pros and cons of buying new against buying used.

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