Daily Cleaning of a Frozen Yogurt Machine

Cleaning your soft serve yogurt machines is critical.  Dairy mix can spoil and build up over time your units are not frequently cleaned.

Cleaning Air Cooled vs. Water Chilled

As a rule of thumb, the air cooled units are a lot easier to clean than the water chilled ones. The water chilled ones are hooked up to each other and harder to move out from the wall.

Unless you have bought a machine with heat treatment you will need to clean your yogurt machine every single day. The cleaning process is a necessary routine to prevent food poisoning.

  1. The process for cleaning the machine is to press the stop button. Empty the hoppers of any unused product and then fill them with lukewarm water. Draw the water from the dispensers until the water runs clear.
  2. After you are sure that the machine is rinsed of all mix and frozen product, fill both hoppers with a sanitizing solution approved for your machine. Depending on the model you can just draw the cleaner from the dispenser or you can just press a button that says “CLEAN.”
  3. If you are cleaning it manually then let the sanitizing solution sit in the hopper for about fifteen minutes.
  4. After the sanitizing solution is drained you can rinse the hoppers and the unit with cold drinking water. (One important thing to note is that some machine parts can be damaged by water that is hotter than forty degrees.)
  5. The frozen yogurt machine’s dispensing units also need daily cleaning. This is a more complicated procedure that involves removing handles, the o-rings and unscrewing valves. All of these parts then can be put in lukewarm water with a sanitizing solution for about ten minutes and then rinsed with cold drinking water.
  6. Dry the parts with a clean towel and then reassemble them on the unit.

Some styles of frozen yogurt makers, such as the cheaper single serve machines, require that you unplug the unit before you clean it. Check with your manufacturer’s guide if this is the case.

The instructions above should serve as a guideline only.  Please read your service manual and have your sales professional walk you through a complete and proper cleaning of your machine to ensure you do it correctly.

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