What’s The Difference Between A Commercial Ice Cream Maker And A Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machine?

Sometimes, in order to avoid confusion, and also to help us really buy the right product for the frozen yogurt business, you need to understand the basic differences of each of the commercial brands and between ice cream maker and the frozen yogurt maker.
What’s the difference between a commercial ice cream maker and a consumer frozen yogurt maker?

Typically, frozen yogurt maker is something that you have in your kitchen. It’s used for making very small batches for yourself or for your family. The production and the yield will not satisfy the needs for running a frozen yogurt shop or doing anything that requires any significant quantity of production.

Unless of course you would like to serve lots of flavors but in minimal batches. The common Frozen yogurt makers can accommodate up to 2 quarts of the product. Not really that much since it was designed to create yogurts in smaller quantities.

It is easier to clean and store because of its size, it can easily fit a standard sized cupboard.

On the other hand, we look at the frozen yogurt machines. This is quite different than the one mentioned because it is built solely for commercial, heavy-duty services.

This can hold up to about 20 quarts of the product. The product produced by this machine will last a bit longer than the frozen yogurt maker. Another difference is on power consumption as the bigger one will almost always consume more electricity than the frozen yogurt maker.

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