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Frosty Products marks its origins to 1976 when the company opened its first frozen yogurt stand in Oakland Mall in Troy, Michigan. Today, the company enjoys a lion’s share of the market for soft-serve frozen yogurt, frozen custard and frozen yogurt smoothie mix products.

One mix base, nearly eighty flavors, it’s an easy formula with fantastic results. The product, Frostyogurt® Nonfat frozen yogurt mix is available as both vanilla and chocolate and the Frostyogurt® Nonfat No Sugar Added frozen yogurt mix is available in vanilla. The line of Frostyogurt® Custom Flavorings makes serving a wide variety of flavors easy by adding the flavoring to the base vanilla and chocolate products.

The product theory is that a new flavor is as quick as the next carton, thus maximizing selection and product usage. Frostyogurt mix is shipped frozen in cases of nine half-gallon cartons. The flavorings come in plastic quart containers and can be stored at room temperature.

For those who prefer the taste of a true frozen yogurt product, our Frostyogurt® Tart&Tangy mix is a proven winner. Developed from a formula dating to 1975, the orginal Frostyogurt® Tart&Tangy has more of that real yoghurt taste and is available with thirty of our Custom Flavorings designed to build a repeat business.

Also available is Classic Custard® frozen custard mix with ten and a half-percent butterfat, made from fresh cream and sugared egg yolks. Classic Custard® is the soft-serve product that will build repeat customers.

Our Gelido® Gourmet Ice has been described as “The World’s Finest Italian Ice” and is appropriate for use in gravity style soft-serve, batch freezers or granita style machines. Available in Strawberry, Mango and Lemon with more new flavors coming soon.

Frostyogurt® Smoothie mix can be utilized in a wide variety of smoothie machines to create more than twenty five flavors including French Vanilla Cappuccino, English tooffee Cappuccino,Caramel Macadamia Cappuccino, as well as Strawberry Banana, Blue Raspberry, Boysenberry and other fruit flavors that are added to the base mix product to create the hottest trend in today’s cold beverage market.

Caribbean Smoothie™ mix is the smoothie base product that can be utilized with blenders and fruit along with energy extras and power boosters.

The Frosty Products line is sold through distributors to a diverse clientele of food service operators, retail stores, hospitals, schools, and office building food services. Frosty has become known by both customers and distributors as being the experts in the frozen yogurt, frozen custard and frozen yogurt smoothie industry.

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