4 Factors Leading to FroYo Popularity!

Frozen yogurt is the wave that is sweeping the World and bringing people everywhere a treat they can enjoy with family and friends.

Great for Busy Families

Most frozen yogurt shops are located in convenient shopping centers or strip malls allowing families to easily pop in and out while running other errands.  The number of flavor choices in any given shop means there is sure to be a flavor to please even the pickiest of eaters!

A Fit for Health Conscious Individuals

Most frozen yogurts have less calories than their denser cousin, ice cream, making them a wonderful substitute. If calories from fat are a concern, you’ll be happy to learn that most frozen yogurts are fat free. Some frozen yogurts can be made with calorie free sweeteners, lowering the calories per ounce significantly.

Dairy Free Options?

Frozen yogurt can also be a wonderful dessert choice for individuals who cannot eat dairy as a result of an allergy. Some frozen yogurts mixes can actually be made omitting the dairy and turning them into a water based sorbet. Dairy Free options are also great for people who choose not to eat dairy for other personal reasons.


Frozen yogurt is a great desert choice because it is fully customizable. Self-serve yogurt shops allow individuals to pick from a number of yogurt flavors and they are not limited to one or two choices per bowl. As long as the yogurt fits, it is fair game. Self-serve shops also allow the customer to select which toppings, if any, they would like on the yogurt. Talk about customization!


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