Understanding the Basics of a Frozen Yogurt Machine

The internal structure of a frozen yogurt machine generally follows the same basic structure of a refrigerator or freezer. Coils are cooled using different coolants to produce lower temperatures inside the machine.  The liquid yogurt mix is cooled inside the machine to a temperature that turns it into a semi-solid dessert.

Electrical Systems in Frozen Yogurt Machines

Frozen yogurt machines are electric powered appliances. Manufactures make them with either single phase or three phase electrical systems. The type of machine you will need will depend on the electricity available at your rental location. The single phase systems are much more common and are compatible with most standard electrical systems in the US. Most yogurt shops choose to go with single phase machines because of the increased compatibility.

 Required Cleaning and Maintenance

 All pieces of machinery need some sort of cleaning and maintenance to keep them at peak performance. Frozen yogurt machines require both regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them running properly.

  •  CleaningAll frozen yogurt machines must be cleaned at regular intervals. While the manufacturer instructions and local health codes vary, we recommend cleaning each machine once a week and doing so on a rotating schedule so that you are only cleaning one or two of your machines each day. We encourage you to design a rotation schedule that works best for your business taking your local health requirements into account.
  •  Maintenance – Regular maintenance is also an important part of keeping your frozen yogurt machines in working order. One cost consideration you should keep in mind is that some manufacturers allow owners to perform basic maintenance on their machines and others require a licensed technician to perform the work.  Having to pay for a maintenance call every 3 months for 6 machines can get quite expensive.

Now that you know a little more about the basic of frozen yogurt machine design, electrical power and maintenance you should feel more confident in beginning your search for the best machines for your yogurt shop. Selecting the right machine is an important part of your business plan.

You do have a business plan, don’t you?

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