Tips When Buying A Used Frozen Yogurt Machine

First of all you’re going to want to find out why the person is selling the used piece of equipment. This is a common question whenever you’re buying something used, why are you selling it? If they’re going out of business, that’s one thing.

If you see that they are trying to unload these machines for better machines that may be an indicator that the machine hasn’t been really reliable for them.

Ask to see service and repair records. Ask for the make. Typically they will share this with you. Ask for the make and the model, when it was purchased, and did they purchase it new.

Another thing that you can do is that once you’ve got the make and the model, you can contact the company, find them on the internet, contact the company and ask them what are some of the costliest repairs on that piece of equipment and when do they frequently have them.

If after 3 years the compressor goes, it particularly goes on a particularly maker model depending on use, and the gentleman or woman who bought the piece of equipment 3 years ago. You’re probably going to factor that into the price that you’re probably going to need to buy a new compressor. That should be part of your negotiation.

Also realize that with the down turn of the economy and the hard times that some businesses run in to, you may be buying this equipment from a bank that knows nothing about frozen yogurt equipment, and they simply are trying to recover some of the loaned amount that they lent somebody for a store.

This is an interesting case because often times you can find some incredible deals here, and you need to know who you’re purchasing it from. For example, if they’re selling the inventory from a store, when did that store close?

Has it been a year that they have had the equipment? Has it been 2 years? Obviously over time, the desired sell of the piece of equipment is going to increase and the value of it will decrease, or the price that the seller will accept will decrease over time.

Now, if it’s widely known that this equipment’s available and nobody’s bought it given the current climate of being popular or favorable to frozen yogurt, you may want to take that into consideration also.

Is it an off brand? Why hasn’t it been sold yet? But knowing who the seller is and trying to determine what their motive is will give you a tremendous amount of bargaining power in getting the right price and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Let them know that you’re looking at other pieces of used equipment and make a list of your concerns as elements towards your negotiation.

Make sure that you consider costly repairs, that you don’t know the history of the machine when making your purchase.

Other times, if you arrange the pick-up, and if you arrange to give them cash, you may get a significant deal because the seller may just want to get rid of the machine quickly for any variety of reasons.

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