Frozen Yogurt Machine Rental: Where Can I Rent A Frozen Yogurt Machine?

Many people new to the frozen yogurt business often get a bit confused or overwhelmed when it comes time to acquire the actual frozen yogurt machine, or in some cases, machines. And it’s understandable as there are a few different options: purchase new, purchased used or rent the unit.

For many small business owners, purchasing a new yogurt machine, which can cost in the range of $10,000 – $15,000, is simply out of the question. These same owners are then left with deciding whether to rent or buy a used machine.

When you’re just starting out, you’re usually looking for the cheapest way to source your supplies and equipment, and oftentimes people assume renting is the cheaper, better option. But in our experience, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Buying a used piece of industrial equipment usually means getting your hands on a solid machine but at a fraction of the cost. Many times business owners, in this case other frozen yogurt shop owners, have valid reasons for letting their inventory go. They may be closing their business, in which case they would want to liquidate their inventory as quickly as possible. Or business might be booming and they are looking to expand and now have the budget to buy new yogurt machines. Or maybe a shop is interested in offering new items, such as double flavor swirl cones, and so may be interested in selling their single serve machine to make room for a double serve unit.

Because these machines were the lifeblood of the business, they generally have been well-maintained, thoroughly cleaned and are running well. Some used models may even have a warranty still attached.

We have worked with many business owners who started out thinking they wanted to rent equipment because it was the cheaper way to go, only to find out there was a purchase option which fit their budget nicely.

If you’re in the market for a frozen yogurt machine and are interested in finding out if a used model is right for your business, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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