How Much Do Frozen Yogurt Machines Cost?

Starting a frozen yogurt business is one big undertaking with many considerations that require research and and planning.  One of the most significant costs will be the purchase of your machines.

For this article, we focus on answering the question: “how much do frozen yogurt machines cost.”  Knowing where to get quotes and how to compare them will help you to get the most value for your investment.  Hint: The purchase price of the machines is only part of your cost.  (More on that later)  Finally, many of you may need this information for your business planning purposes and you will see brand and condition can have a significant impact.

Key Cost Factors:

  • New vs. Used
  • Brand
  • Quality and Support
  • Parts and Repairs
  • Shipping and Setup

New vs. Used?

Anytime you are considering a significant purchase you may want to investigate potential savings when buying used.  Used units can range in price from $3-7,000 each meaning you can save anywhere from 60-80% on new units depending on age and condition.  Sometimes you can even find better deals through liquidations.  However, you need to be careful because repair costs for a compressor that’s about to go or something that’s about to break on it can quickly start to approach the cost of a brand new machine.

Advice:  If you are going to consider the used route be very careful and have the machines checked out by refrigeration expert or a service technician that will know what to look for and could quote you for key repairs you may need.  Used equipment can sometimes be the way to go if you can find matching units that are late models and have been well maintained.  But realize this equipment will be at the heart of your business and some newer high quality brands that aren’t much more than used.

Cost of Buying New

New machines on average start anywhere from, $4,000-$5,000; and can go to over US $17,000. Once you multiply that by the number of machines you may need in a self serve shop you will realize those are some hefty expenses.

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Maintenance Costs?

Some brands require you only use their licensed technicians at steep costs.  While other brands can easily be serviced and maintained by readily available technicians.  Similar to high-end cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini, there are high purchase costs, compounded by high maintenance and parts costs and limited technicians.

This is very important to know. Now, that’s not a bad thing since licensed technicians are well trained. They know the machined inside and out and they have been certified. However, you’re going to pay more per hour to have some machines repaired.

So when you’re doing your research, ask the manufacturer who is able to work on the machines. Can I hire a local commercial refrigeration company? Or do I have to go with an authorized repair technician? If I have to go with an authorized repair technician, what are the costs?

Parts Network?

If you are running your machines for any period of time you will likely have an outage at some point.  It’s important to know where your repair parts will be coming from, how long they will take to get there as down time can be lost revenue.  The savings on a used machine can quickly evaporate if it stops your register from taking in revenue.  Ask about the availability of replacement parts and the cost of keeping some of the more common repair parts on hand in your store.

Shipping & Setup?

The shipping costs you are charged can vary significantly when purchasing machines from different manufacturers.  Ask for the representative to include shipping, setup and training in the quote as separate line items so you can see the costs and compare accurately.  Based on your location some brands may be more attractive than others from a budgeting perspective.

In closing, it’s important to remember that next to build out, your budget for machines will be one of your most significant costs.  Because your livelihood will depend on it, you need to make sure you balance quality and cost by going with a reputable manufacturer that warranty the machines and offers significant support options.

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