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  • Name: Honey Hill Farms
  • Address: 301 N El Paso Ave, Russellville, Arkansas, 72801, United States
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Honey Hill Farms

We want to create something different and unique for our customers. How do you do that in a crowded and competitive field? Produce a “truly crafted” frozen yogurt.

Having been friends since we were kids, we teamed up in 2007 and purchased Sugar Creek Foods, a business that was near and dear to our hearts. Our first day of business was a bit scary. You see, we had thirty-five employees and zero volume; a challenge most folks wouldn’t take on. But this was not our first rodeo in the soft-serve frozen yogurt business. We both worked with Mac Van Horn (Scott’s father) from the mid-80’s through the mid-90’s, when Sugar Creek Foods was first rescued from closure. Together, we helped to build one of the largest and most successful soft-serve frozen dessert plants in the United States.

Sugar Creek was a dominant player in the frozen yogurt industry, manufacturing the Sugar Creek brand and other private labels. After many successful years, the company was purchased by Eskimo Pie; more famous names in the industry were produced, including Honey Hill Farms. Once again, Sugar Creek Foods was facing closure after its sale to an international company when we had the idea to buy back the plant because we saw a niche in the frozen soft-serve market. We wanted to offer premium, high quality frozen dessert mixes featuring a frozen yogurt and sorbet unlike any on the market.

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