Opening Your Frozen Yogurt Business: 5 Key Planning Tips

Effective planning is a huge part of creating a successful business in any part of the country. We believe that effective planning will help you hit the ground running and will help you make your frozen yogurt business profitable in a short time.

Location, Location, Location!

Location is a huge part of creating a successful frozen yogurt business. Before selecting a location we encourage you to look at a number of locations and ask yourself.

  • Who are my target clients?
  • Will my business benefit from regular foot traffic?
  • Are there other established frozen yogurt shops or dessert places nearby?


Summer means peak sales for many frozen yogurt shops, which means spring and summer are peak times for distributors across all aspects of the frozen yogurt business. We encourage you to consider the supply chain you will be reliant upon if you are hoping to open a new shop before the summer. It is not unheard of for it to take up to 8 weeks for delivery of your frozen yogurt machines if you order them during peak times. No machines means no business, so making sure you have your timing down is extremely important.


Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can copy a successful frozen yogurt shop in your area and that your shop will be just as successful. Part of the success of many local shops can be attributed to creativity. Consider original décor, featuring a crazy new flavor on Fridays (maple bacon maybe?) or something else to set your shop apart from the competition.


Self-serve frozen yogurt shops require relatively few employees to operate compared to other retail or food service businesses. Many locations can efficiently operate with two or three individuals in the shop at peak times. However, personal interaction is still an important aspect of your business and making sure you hire pleasant, friendly individuals is an absolute necessity!

Frozen Yogurt Machines

A great location, wonderful employees and a creative spin won’t rescue your shop if you don’t have efficient, well working machines. If you’ve got questions about selecting the right frozen yogurt machines for your shop, we encourage you to check the rest of the site.

Ultimately, taking the time to plan the launch of your business will help you get your frozen yogurt shop off the ground quickly and in the most cost efficient manner possible!

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