Finding The Right Brand Of Frozen Yogurt Machines

There are a variety of frozen yogurt machine manufacturers. Some of the big ones include Taylor Company Razzle® Machines, Stoelting Food Service Equipment and a lot more. There is also a new segment of manufacturers emerging from China that are creating high quality, lower cost, frozen yogurt machines. One of the best things to do when choosing the right brands of frozen yogurt machines is to do some research and make it thorough.

On the different brands, you’ll find that prices can vary from $13,000 for a new machine or less if you buy the used ones.
Let us now talk a little bit more about each brand and mention some specifics that make them unique from each other.

Because in the end, it will be you who will buy the product and not us so it is better that we present the facts straight up while you carefully judge each one and opt for those that catch your liking in a very positive way.

Stoelting Food Service Equipment

For Stoelting frozen yogurt machines, they have three distinct varieties to choose from with several different machine models. The three major types are: pump freezers, pressure freezers, and gravity freezers. Pressure (such as the F431) and pump freezers (like the 217R) almost operate alike in that they utilize a pump or pressure (artificial) to get the product out of the machine and into the cone or cup for serving.

The gravity freezer, like the F231, as the name implies makes use only of gravity to extract the product but is reliable enough to extract your entire product from it. You can also choose between floor models or countertop models of frozen yogurt machines and maybe even choose between single or double flavor types of frozen yogurt machines.

Taylor Company Razzle® Machines

Taylor Company Razzle® Machines on the other hand, is quite a unique design in that it is not modeled like any other frozen yogurt machines that are placed on floors nor countertops. It is mounted on the wall with a clear thick cover that lets you see the mixture as you prepare it. It has a unique design of utilizing plastic cylinders that serve as the preparation and dispensing component of the machine. The X52566-1 model for example features two large bins and two smaller bins to cater to any type of demand large or small making the work a bit faster without the need to partition orders every now and then.

China Made Machines

A more popular trend on frozen yogurt machines these days are those that are made in China. If you choose your brands correctly, you can have very affordable brand new frozen yogurt machines at your disposal so you can buy more machines but spend less.

Having presented these three brands, you can now choose from them the one that you prefer most. If you did not like any of the ones presented, you can also research other brands or see the ones that are commonly used in your area so you can be sure of its quality and performance.

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