Starting Frozen Yogurt Shops: What Are Your Two Highest Costs?

In starting your own frozen yogurt shops, there are a lot of things to consider. There’s the product provider, the flavor you want to provide, your target market, the location to build your frozen yogurt shop, and the list goes on and on.

The statement in question is so broad that it is difficult to answer in one sitting. But if we narrow it down to: “what are the two highest costs of starting frozen yogurt shops”, then it would be easier to answer.

The two highest costs of starting frozen yogurt shops are going to be the building costs. This is essentially visible if you look into a store where it has to be modified and customized in order to become fitting for a frozen yogurt shop.

Higher costs are going to be associated with that since you have to do some decorative approaches plus the paint jobs and the like are sure to be included in the list. This is generally one of the most expensive things to spend on when putting up your frozen yogurt shops.

But in addition to that and frequently the more expensive spending is placed on purchasing the equipment. When I say equipment, we’re talking about machines. Frozen yogurt machines are considerably expensive costing at least $6,000 for good brands and it goes higher if you want quality.

Plus, if you want to have more flavors for your frozen yogurt shops, you would have to add more equipment. There are still other costs you need to worry about but those are generally the two most expensive costs to getting your doors open with a frozen yogurt shop. It is the machines and the building costs that rank in the top 2.

The development of self-serve frozen yogurt and its increased popularity where the concept to that store is people actually come in and serve themselves and then the product is weighed, you’re going from shops that maybe in the past had one or two frozen yogurt machines to now having 8 or 10 with different flavors in them. So you need to also make sure that you know what you’re doing when you’re buying you’re frozen yogurt machines.

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