Different Styles of Frozen Yogurt Machines

There are several different styles of professional frozen yogurt machines and they can range greatly in size and price.

Most Popular Machines:

  • Single Serve Freezers:  Single Serve Freezers are the cheapest and usually have a single twenty quart hopper that holds about a quart of frozen mix. You can get countertop styles as well as ones that are freestandings and look a bit like a water cooler.
  • Twin Twist: Twin Twist equipment has three spigots. That dispenses two flavors and one twisted flavor. These two come in countertop and freestanding styles. These usually hold two twenty quart liters. Look for one that has wheels if you plan on moving it to different locations in your store.

Special Options:

  • Cleaning the machine must be done daily unless you get a soft serve machine that has heat treatment. The machine sterilizes itself every day so you only have to take it apart and clean it every two weeks. You can get these in single or double hopper styles.
  • High end machines have Pressurized Mix Delivery systems. These machines are sleek and come with fewer parts, lower maintenance costs and a precise design. You can get these machines as freestanding units.
  • Some companies offer machines that are combination smoothie and soft serve equipment. These machines let you offer cones, sundaes, shakes, whirl-ins and smoothies. These are big machines that have a double hopper, three spigots and you have the option of getting them with heat treatment. In fact, the more high end you are willing to go the more features, such as heat treatment, the machine will have.
  • One of the very latest innovations in the frozen yogurt machine business is the 24 Flavors System. This was developed by Wadden Systems; an inventor of slush machines. This system allows the operator to transform vanilla soft serve or yogurt into one of 24 flavors. Most machines only hold two flavors and you would have to own 12 machines to offer 24 flavors like this system does.

It’s important to have a complete understanding of the options and what your business needs before making the right decision.  If you have questions please give us a call: 888-770-3930.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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