What Are Repair Costs?

How much really are repair costs for a frozen yogurt machine? Well, an average commercial technician specializing in refrigeration equipment including these frozen yogurt machines start at about $80 an hour.

The cost of the repair is going to depend largely on what is wrong or what broke down on your machine.
Among the most costly repairs can be the defect in the compressor that is the main component of the frozen yogurt machine that maintains the refrigeration process and keeps the product within its storage temperature.

So it is very important to keep in mind the repair costs and reputation for a machine as those can add up if you are not careful. Or if you save too much money on a machine, which has very low quality, or you do not know the exact origin of the equipment, and is not quite supported. Those costs can really rack up.

Now, as far as the time to get something repaired generally, there are commercial repair technicians around the country. And once you place your phone call that your machine is down, it can take anywhere from a few hours to two days to come to our location. So, that is something to consider including all the time that you may lose, not being able to generate product.

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