6 Key Considerations When Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Whether it is your first business or your fiftieth, starting your own frozen yogurt shop is very exciting. Even an experienced business owner can get caught up in the excitement and easily overlook some of the important things you should be considering as you are getting your business started.

To help you avoid missing an important item we have compiled a list of things to consider:

  •  Timing — The spring and summer months are the peak season for frozen yogurt sales. If you are hoping to open your shop before or during the peak season be sure to factor in extra lead time to receive your machines from the manufacturer and to get on the distribution list for your yogurt mix provider.
  •  Location — Location is a huge factor in the success or failure of a frozen yogurt shop. Be sure to pick a location that is easily accessible, has ample parking and isn’t located too close to a competing yogurt shop or dessert restaurant.
  •  Shop Type — Decide whether or not your shop will be a self-service shop or a full-service shop. The difference boils down to whether the frozen yogurt is sold by the ounce and the customers make their own bowls or if the yogurt is sold by the bowl size and the employees work the machines from behind the counter.
  •  Machine Type — You will need to research your location and decide whether you need single phase or three phase frozen yogurt machines. You will also want to decide if you will rent your machines or purchase them.
  •  Mix Type — You will need to determine whether you will use a liquid or powdered yogurt mix in your shop. Liquid mixes require cold storage, whereas powdered can be stored on a shelf until it is mixed with a liquid of your choosing.
  •  Employees — Your employees are the face of your business. You will need to decide if it is appropriate to work in your shop yourself, if you will hire friends or family members to work for you or if you will hire other employees.

 Several these tips are covered in more detail in some of our other postings and we encourage you to take a look around or contact us for more information on the frozen yogurt machines you need for your new shop.

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