Yogurt Powder Mix – Dry Mix

What is powder yogurt?

Powdered yogurt is a powder form of frozen yogurt mix made with either milk or nonfat plain yogurt and water that is dried.

To make the mix into frozen yogurt, you simply add water and nonfat plain yogurt. However, some brands require you to add sugar, lemon juice, and other ingredients.

Many powder mixes do not contain the live cultures that are found in yogurt, but it is possible to find some frozen yogurt mix suppliers that do include live cultures in their mix.

Some liquid mixes can contain high fructose corn syrup, however, this is not found in powdered yogurt. For a final product that you can serve your customers, there are flavored powders or juice concentrates to add to the mix.

New shop owners should educate themselves on what powdered yogurt is. Then it will be easier to determine whether you want powder or liquid mix, and what suppliers to look for.

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Frozen Yogurt Suppliers – How to Find the Best?

One of the most common ways that people will find a frozen yogurt mix supplier is to meet them at a food or trade show where they taste the product.

Another common way is to sample a variety of frozen yogurts from different vendors and upon discovering one you like, asking the shop what brand of mix they use.

It’s rare that a company won’t offer this information as they can generally be proud.

If they seem suspicious, be open and let them know you are considering starting your own frozen yogurt business and that you would not be in the same geographic location.

Typically you’ll find people in the business to be very open and honest in regards to their experience and products.

The internet is also a great source. Browse forums and websites related to frozen yogurt to see what other people in the industry are saying.

You can start chatting in one of these forums and see what frozen yogurt vendors are recommended by others.

You may even come across some testimonials.

Overall, you want a supplier who can meet your needs. When evaluating a supplier, consider the price range you want to be in, the quality and ingredients you are looking for, the selection that they offer, and how quickly they can deliver product to you.

If a supplier is not located near your shop, you need to be sure that you can restock your inventory in a timely manner while maintaining fresh product.

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